Tuesday, February 4, 2014

When it's time to change... (sha na na na-na na na na na na, sha na na na na!)

I'm trying to inspire myself to change. To reach out to people more, to connect more. I believe that little changes are easier than big ones.


The other day I had to make a small change in my attitude. I saw this wonderful story about a teacher, who was reaching out and trying to help her students. I was happy to read the story, but instead of talking about her efforts in glowing praise I discounted it. I didn't realize the mistake until my dear close friend pointed it out to me. It hurt, being told I did something wrong, but I listened.

My mistake was taking her story and picking it apart; only seeing the bad and not seeing the good. This is something that I see on the internet so often - a person tries to do something good and the internet masses gather up to shout them down. I was doing the exact same thing. This teacher was so clearly doing exactly the kind of reaching out that I hope for, and I should be encouraging that! I heard and got the message. I need to change.

Here was a teacher who made a little change in the way she did her job. It was only one thing, and I believe it made a big difference in the lives of the people around her.

What kind of little change can you make in your life, that will impact others in a little way?

We don't all have to be Mother Theresa. But I believe that we do all have to push just a little outside of our comfort zone to help each other. Just a little bit.


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