Tuesday, December 31, 2013

The Best Empathy Videos of 2013

Welcome to my list of the greatest empathy videos I've seen this year.

For some people the power of a video is in how easy it is to watch, and how easy it is to get a point across. There have been several videos made that try to explain empathy to people, and some others that just are tools for building an empathetic connection with others.

Now, please turn down the lights and turn up your headphone volume...and here we go!

1. Empathy, The Human Connection to Patient Care by Cleveland Clinic

2. Sesame Street, Mark Ruffalo and Elmo talk "Empathy"

3. RSA Animate "The Empathic Civilization" spoken by Jeremy Rifkin

4. RSA Animate "The Power of Outrospection" by Roman Kznaric

5. RSA Shorts "The Power of Empathy" spoken by Dr. Brene' Brown

I'm really hoping that we see some more fantastic empathy-building videos in the next year. Did I leave out your favorite? Please tell me in the comments, or post on our facebook page.

Let's bring on 2014!


1 comment:

SL said...

LOL Line from a greeting card about first day at kindergarden....

"You know it's a good day if you didn't bite anyone."

Maybe that's as close to empathy as I can get.

Life is hard; the commendable goal of more empathy for other people is even harder.