Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Favorite toys and games for building empathy

In the last few months, I've seen some really great games that not only are fun, but can help you and I to strengthen our empathy muscles. Let's do twenty reps of 'check out these games' and then let me know what you think in the comments!


First, here's an empathy 'toy' designed for use in the classroom or at home. It's a complete curriculum - the toy, a classroom planner, and ideas for how to use this with people of all ages. I fully support this program and would like to see it succeed. Please watch the video or click the link to check out the full program.

Empathy Toy

Second, here's a different idea - see how other people see things through a party game. The game is "Telestrations" and it works well with the adult crowd as well as with kids. If you've ever played the game 'telephone' or 'pictionary' then this is a combination of the two. Click the link to go to the Board Game Geek listing, or just watch the video for a family's review.


Do you know of any more games or toys that build empathy?



Anonymous said...

FYI, 21 toys made their kickstarter goal:


-your brother

Janet said...

Wonderful news!