Monday, January 14, 2013

Places I've lived :Binghamton NY

I lived in Binghamton, NY in the late 1990s, while attending graduate school.

It was exciting being there, because it was my first time being far from my family and friends. I had a car for the very first time, and I spent many a bored afternoon using it to explore the area. I would say that being there was my first real experience with independent living.

We had horrible weather in Binghamton. At least every month or so you would overhear the joke about how classes should be cancelled if the sun was shining.

One rare sunny day, I drove off in a nice direction following my nose and heading out of town. I found myself on top of one of the many steep hillsides, at a public park. The park was empty of people but full of children's playground equipment, and it sat alongside an old merry-go-round that was closed. I had heard that Binghamton was full of old merry-go-rounds, some of them with classic horses, but this was the first one I had seen. You can see all about them at this link.

I sat down on the hill and watched the sun sparkle over the candy-colored mountains. It was very beautiful.

Here's a nice picture so you can try to imagine.

Photo by Bonnie Campbell

Have you ever been somewhere so beautiful that you can't ever forget?


Heather said...

That sounds like an excellent way to spend a sunny day.

One beautiful place I can't forget is in San Francisco - the Batteries-to-Bluffs trail/the trails between Marshall's Beach and Baker Beach. The cliffs by the water are gorgeous, and such a different landscape from what I'm used to, and there are views like this and this. I've walked that stretch or part of that stretch twice now, and it's been exciting both times.

Janet said...

Wow Heather those places look amazing, I feel like I'm right there with you.

Wire said...

The place that comes right to mind at this question is Utah. Not a national park or tourist stop.

We were driving briefly through Utah on the way to Four Corners and at some point I just pulled over and got out of the car and stared. There was just nothing. Standing so the road was behind me, there was no sign of humans. Nothing of interest. Nowhere to explore. Just nothing.

For reasons I'm still not sure of, I could feel every other person on the planet. I felt more connected to humanity at the moment than I ever have before or since.