Thursday, December 20, 2012

Working at home

I don't go into my company's offices every day. I work full time (and consider myself pretty lucky to have a job these days) but 4 out of 5 days a week I work from home.

This is a really ideal way for me to work because of how my brain operates. I'm very easily distracted, so the days when I'm in the office go something like this:

7:15am - This is great, I forgot how nice it is to have all this technology right here. It's so quiet and a great place to work.
7:55am - Working hard and in the 'zone'.
8:01am - Huh, what's that? What, what's that? It's everyone arriving at once in high heels and clicky shoes! (which is not the same thing as slick shoes). This one is getting coffee, this one is having breakfast (munch munch) this one is talking on the phone all about the traffic getting in this morning.
8:15am - Starting to get back into working...
8:45am - Huh, what's that? Oh that's my office mate talking about personal stuff on the phone. That's my other office mate starting up this morning's round of conference calls.
9:00am - Oh, it's snowing, here's the walk-by discussions about the weather, here's the telephone calls about when folks will be getting home from work, if they will be leaving early.

Yeah so for me, working from home is ideal.

What about your work situation? Anything about it you really like, or really don't like? What's one thing you would change about your work environment if you had the ability?

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Heather said...

I work in an office that's pretty quiet - and I have a door I can close, which helps when it's noisier than usual or if I'm struggling to focus or just need some uninterrupted working/writing/thinking time. I work 9-5 three days a week, and 7-3 the other two, which I both like and dislike: I like getting in early, and I like having some free time in the afternoon on those days, but sometimes it feels hard to not have a totally regular sleep/wake schedule. (I've sometimes been tempted to switch my schedule to 7-3 *every* day, but haven't pursued it, partly because I think that would be hard in its own way - needing/wanting to go to bed early every night and not just some nights would change my social life.)

One thing I would change about my work environment if I could, though, would be to have more natural light! When I go to England for work (my boss is in our company's UK office, as is most of the rest of my department) I sometimes struggle with how the office there is totally open-plan, but the plus side of the office there is that the area my team is in is this big room with a wall of windows - so nice.