Wednesday, December 12, 2012

About Me

I've been thinking about this video, that I saw the other day, and it made me think about how connected I am to people. How connected I *think* I am, and how connected I could actually be.

I realized that regardless of whatever positives and negatives I see in facebook one thing is clear - through reading my friends posts (and their friends posts) I'm finding out more about the people I thought I knew. Their fears, their lives, their desires. Plus lots of cat pictures. :)

This made me want to find out more about the people I know; more than just what they are sharing in a post or tweet. I know why we are friends or family, what I don't know is what about them is really, really different. I'd like you to tell me what makes you different from me.


Here's me!

I'm forty years old.  I live in New Jersey. I have two kids, ages 5 and 1.

I have a happy marriage to my husband of 11 years. I have a chicken for a pet.

What makes you different? For this first post, tell me something about your family that is different from my family.

Thanks for joining me on my empathy journey!


Belle said...

I am a 38 year old woman who picked a wonderful husband and the wrong career. Keeping the husband but ditching my old profession for a new one.

Janet said...

Thanks Belle!

I hope you are checking back to continue the conversation. I'd like to know more about your decision to change careers.

I feel scared when thinking about leaving my job and am always impressed by folks with more guts than me, taking the plunge into a new life. What drove you?

Nancy Torrente said...

Interesting experiment. Ok I'm game.

I'm 37 years old. Married for 12 years. 2 Kids - girl age 7 and boy age 4. We recently moved to NJ from Long Island.

I have a BS in Electrical Engineering. I worked as an engineer for approx. 3 years while living in MD.

After moving back to NY when my husband started law school, I became a substitute teacher. From there I became involved with the NYC teaching fellows program and earned an MS in Education. I taught middle school math for 3 years in a school in Queens.

I've been a SAHM since my daughter was born. I've been tutoring since we've moved to NJ, but haven't found many clients yet. I'm kind of lost professionally. I want to do something now that my kids are getting a bit older, but I'm not sure what. I know I don't want to go back to teaching full time. It's kind of scary trying to re-enter the work force after more than 7 years. Especially not having a clear path to follow.

Nancy Torrente said...
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Janet said...

Thanks Nancy! I find it interesting that both you and Belle are changing careers or considering doing so.

Sometimes I think about going back to teaching math or doing something totally different, like going to work for a bakery. I'm scared because I don't want to put my current life at risk, somehow I feel safe and secure where I am. Which I believe to be true but at the same time feel foolish for thinking it - in today's economy in this country, everyone's job is at risk all the time.

If you check back, let us know about what kinds of jobs you are thinking about. Have you ever thought about starting your own business?

Wire said...

"Tell me something about your family that is different."

My family is much louder than yours. ;) There's lots of divorce, lots of people not speaking to each other for years, but also lots of hugs and laughs and fun.

The most stressful thing I have had to decide to date was whether to make my home far or close to my family. I stressed over this for YEARS. In the end I decided to stay close and I'm happy I did.

Nancy Torrente said...

I've actually been hoping to try and make a go of tutoring as a semi permanent thing, but I need to put more effort into promoting myself. I'm not very good at self motivating and that becomes a problem when trying to start your own business vs. working for someone else.

Other than that, I've considered going into banking (teller work). Unfortunately anything else I can think of that might be interesting would require going back to school or some other form of training before I would be qualified. Right now that's not really an option.

Even if I were to do something with my engineering degree, I'd need to figure out what and get up to speed. I've been out of that loop for more than 10 years. So hard to believe.